Machine Learning Applications And Examples In Python

Machine Learning Applications And Examples In Python


Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence. It’s important to understand the difference between machine learning, which deals with algorithms that can improve in the face of new data, and other types of automated decision-making like rule-based systems or neural networks.

Machine Learning Applications And Examples In Python

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the next big thing. It can be used in many different fields, from healthcare to education and even finance. Many people worry about AI because they think it will take over their jobs and make them redundant. In reality though, AI is being used to make better decisions by analyzing large amounts of data which would otherwise be difficult for humans to handle on their own.

AI can also be used for prediction purposes like forecasting weather patterns or predicting stock market movements based on past trends (this type of machine learning technique is called regression). Some companies are even using artificial intelligence for more creative tasks such as creating music through machine learning algorithms!

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the process of understanding human language. It’s used in many different fields, including search engines and chatbots.

NLP can be used to understand sentiment, intent and language. Sentiment analysis determines whether or not a piece of text has positive or negative feeling towards something (e.g., “I love this product”, “this service is terrible”). Intent detection helps you figure out what someone really wants when they’re using your app or website by looking at their words instead of just their actions (e.g., “I want to watch videos”). Language translation converts one language into another so people who speak different languages can communicate with each other

Computer Vision

Computer vision is the ability of a computer to understand and interpret images. It’s used in a wide range of applications including self-driving cars, robotics, video surveillance, and medical imaging.

In this section we’ll learn about how you can use Python to build your own computer vision application by applying machine learning techniques.

Recommendation Systems

Recommendation systems are used to suggest products or services to users. Recommendations can be made based on historical data and past behavior, or by using machine learning algorithms.

Recommendations in e-commerce include suggestions for Amazon’s “People who bought this item also bought” feature and Netflix’s movie recommendations. Media and entertainment companies such as YouTube, Pandora Radio, Spotify and Netflix use recommendation systems to recommend videos/songs/movies etc., based on user preferences (for example: if you liked a particular genre of music then we will recommend more songs from that genre). Social networking sites such as Facebook use them to suggest friends based on shared interests, location etc..

Machine learning is applied to many different fields.

Machine learning is applied to many different fields. It’s used in medicine, finance and agriculture. Machine learning can also be used for tasks like detecting fraud or predicting stock prices.


Machine learning is a very broad topic and we have only scratched the surface here. There are many more applications of machine learning that we didn’t cover in this article, such as:

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